Janam GT2 Temperature Sensing Kiosk

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Janam's Android-powered GT2 is an easy-to-deploy temperature sensing kiosk that enables businesses to protect the health and safety of employees and guests by identifying anyone with a fever and/or without a face mask prior to that person gaining access to a facility. Priced thousands of dollars less than other solutions of its kind, the super affordable GT2 uses advanced infrared thermal imaging and mask detection technology to deliver a contactless access control solution that complies with guidelines proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

GT2 is designed for sports and live entertainment venues, airports, hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools and virtually any organization that wants to check the temperature and confirm the identity of individuals entering their facilities. As a first line of defense against COVID-19 and other contagions, GT2 screens an individuals temperature in less than one second, from up to 20 inches away, and is more hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact. 

Janam's GT2 is available in pedestal, countertop and wall-mounted formats and can easily integrate with security gates, turnstiles and door access control systems to speed self-credentialing. Equipped with a brilliant 7-inch display, GT2 offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE (for data) connectivity for sharing information in real-time

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